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Why Choose Premera?

This is your time. With so much ahead of you, you'll feel better with Premera behind you. 
Our plans come with more than checkups and specialist care. 

Get peace of mind coverage throughout retirement

Our Medicare Supplement plans give you peace of mind about your healthcare coverage throughout your retirement. They cover the growing costs Original Medicare alone leaves you to pay, and give you freedom to see any doctor you want, where you want.

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield is a trusted name in healthcare, and being helpful is number one in our book. Use the expertise of our highly trained, local representatives to assist you in choosing the plan that fits your needs. And know that if you ever have questions about the best way to use your plan, we're here to help.

With Premera, you have more than just a health plan

As a Premera member, managing your health and policy online is easy. Our secure online member website lets you view claims and benefits from home.

Our 24-Hour NurseLine allows you to connect, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with registered nurses who can answer your medical questions and recommend you to get the care you need. Calls are free and confidential.

Trusted for over 50 years

Premera's Medicare Supplement plans were created based on the plan preferences our members have shown. With our Medicare Supplement plans, you can count on:

  • The freedom to use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare
  • Knowing that your plan is guaranteed renewable
  • Knowing that your coverage won't be terminated if your health changes
  • Nationwide coverage when you travel
  • Great discounts!

This application is not a guarantee that you will receive coverage. Upon approval of your application, you will receive an approval letter and a contract.
You can become a Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska (Premera) Medicare supplement member if you:
Reside in Alaska,
Currently have both Medicare Part A and Part B, and
Don't receive Medicaid assistance other than payment of your Medicare Part B premium.

You do not need more than one Medicare supplement plan. If you currently have a Medicare supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan (including a Medicare HMO or PPO), you cannot be enrolled unless you intend to replace your current coverage. Please complete a replacement form. If you purchase this contract, you may want to evaluate your existing health coverage and decide if you need multiple coverages.

You may be eligible for benefits under Medicaid and may not need a Medicare supplement plan. Medicaid is a public aid program for people with low income. It is not the same as Medicare.

If, after purchasing this plan, you become entitled to Medicaid, the benefits and subscription charges under your Medicare Supplement contract can be suspended, if requested, during your entitlement to benefits under Medicaid for 24 months. You must request this suspension within 90 days of being eligible for Medicaid. If you are no longer entitled to Medicaid, your suspended Medicare supplement plan (or, if that is no longer available, a substantially equivalent plan) will be re-instituted if requested within 90 days of losing Medicaid eligibility.

Counseling services may be available in your state to provide advice concerning your purchase of Medicare supplement coverage and concerning medical assistance through the state Medicaid program, including benefits as a "Qualified Medicare Beneficiary" (QMB) or a "Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary" (SLMB).

Except that you must provide information on diseases and disorders for which you have symptoms, please do not provide any information on any part of this application about genetic testing or genetic information, including any decision by an insurance company that is based on a genetic test or genetic information.

Plan A 021202 (06-2010); 021198 (06-2010); Plan N 021203 (06-01-2010); 021199 (06-01-2010); Plan F 021204 (06-2010); 021200 (06-2010); High Deductible Plan F 021205 (06-2010); 021201 (06-2010); Plan G 042196 (01-2018); 042195 (01-2018); High Deductible Plan G 049580 (01-2020); 049581 (01-2020).